Whistleblowing Policy

Whistleblowing Policy


To provide an independent Reporting channel to surface complaints concerning misconduct or fraud, which cannot be rectified through contact with Management, or where it may not be appropriate to contact Management concerning the situation.

Open to:

All persons having interaction with the organisation, including vendors, beneficiaries (students, clients and their parents or caregivers), donors, volunteers, other stakeholders.  Also available to staff but Reports should exclude routine matters relating to employment which should be taken up with a superior or if necessary higher levels of Management (unless it is not appropriate to do so in which case a Report should be lodged).


Reports which are lodged in good faith, regardless of the outcome of any subsequent investigation, will not result in negative action against the complainant.

Non-disclosure and Anonymity:

Complaints will be investigated (where appropriate), without disclosing details of the complaint unless there is a legal requirement to do so or where safety of persons may be at risk.

Reports may be lodged anonymously if desired, however, Complainants should be aware that reports lodged anonymously may hamper any subsequent investigation or be impossible to investigate.

Lodgement of Complaints:

Reports lodged should be as specific and detailed as possible.  A suggested format for the Report can be found here, but is optional.  Reports may be completed in a freestyle manner if preferred.

The report can be sent via any one of the following channels:

  • Email : whistleblowing@apsn.org.sg
    (Access restricted to the Whistleblowing Investigation Panel only)
  • Post: Attention to “Audit Committee Chair – private and confidential”
    c/o Association for Persons with Special Needs
    900 New Upper Changi Road
    Singapore 467354


Investigation of Complaints:

Whistleblowing Investigation Panel 2018

Officer’s Name
President Mr. Tan Cheen Chong
Audit Committee Chairman Mr. Bill Bowman
Board Member

Mr. Chan Chee Keong


The panel will consider the Report, take necessary investigatory or other appropriate action, and advise the Complainant of the outcome, where appropriate (where Complainant has provided contact details).

1 The Board resolved that Mr. Chan Chee Keong is appointed as the third member of the Whistleblowing Investigation Panel for 2018