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Please send all required repors/documents to:

The Admission/Support Officer

Association for Persons with Special Needs

900 New Upper Changi Road
Singapore 467354

*Submission by email and fax will not be

For further information or enquiries,
please contact APSN at 6479 6252 or

Applications are accepted throughout the year.
Parents and referring agencies who apply for admission to CFA should take note of the following criteria:
• The applicant is at least 16 years old at the time of referral, and will turn at least 17 years of age during the year of admission into CFA.
• The applicant has been assessed to have an IQ level of 50 – 70, with concurrent significant limitations in adaptive behaviour as expressed in conceptual, social and
practical adaptive skills.
• For applicants previously not from an APSN school, the psychological assessment should not exceed two years prior to the date of referral.
• Medical assessment should not exceed one year prior to the date of referral.
• Hearing assessment should not exceed one year prior to the date of referral.
• The applicant should not have another significant disability, which may affect their ability to cope within the context of CFA.
• At the time of admission to CFA, the applicant should possess a basic level of self-help skills (for example, independent in toileting, dressing, grooming, eating and
making simple purchases).
• The medium of instruction at CFA is English.
• At the time of admission, the applicant should be physically mobile and able to travel using public transportation independently.
• The applicant must not have a history of or current severe psychiatric disorders.
• The applicant must not have major disruptive behaviour, such as self-injury, suicidal threats, physical/verbal/sexual aggressiveness toward others, and stealing.
Once the applicant is assessed to be eligible for admission to CFA, the applicant will go through a 3-months trial and work assessment at the centre. Admission into
the work training programme will be given to successful applicants when a vacancy arises.

Please ensure that all the following documents are attached:


      1. APSN Application Form click here
          1. APSN Medical Report (completed within one year prior to the date of referral)
          2. Hearing assessment/audiology report, with audiogram, if the applicant has hearing loss (completed within one year prior to the date of referral).
      1. Most updated psychological report, which must include the following:
          1. The results of the applicant’s individually administered intellectual assessment, preferably the Wechsler Scales. The results should include subtest scores, index scores as well as IQ scores. If specific IQ scores are not obtained, reasons should be provided and any alternative assessments/computations should be documented. Language(s) used during testing is (are) to be indicated.
          2. The results of the applicant’s adaptive functioning as measured by a standardised adaptive behaviour assessment. The results should indicate performance that is at least two standard deviations below the mean of either (a) one of the following three types of adaptive behaviour: conceptual, social, or practical OR (b) an overall score of conceptual, social and practical skills.
          3. A summary of the applicant’s individual educational/training needs.

      5. Where applicable, progress reports and recommendations from professional staff working with the applicant (e.g., Speech Therapist,   Occupational Therapist).

      6. Photocopy of the applicant’s and parents’/guardian’s identification

      7. Photocopy of a legal custody document where the applicant is still a minor under the care of a single parent or of relative/s.

      8. Where possible, previous teacher reports and copies of examination scores (for the last 2 years in school).

      9. For applicants residing or had resided in a Home (e.g., residential/children’s homes) and/or known to MSF/child protection services/Rehabilitation Officers, a social report or update from relevant professionals is required.